Do you really know who you are?

by Sunni Chapman

What a powerful two days I’ve just had in Stamford, CT.  I spent the days working on understanding and then refining who I am.
Knowing who we are helps in understanding what we want to sell and which market(s) to focus on. Starting from the point of   knowing where we want to be and realizing that we are not there yet is the best way to map a path detailing how to get where we want to go.  I know for some this sounds like a tongue twister of gobbledygook, but for me it’s the answer to everything and is about as smooth as the butter I put on my Italian bread.


I am different.  This is something that has been well established and for many of you who have known me for a while, especially my husband, would probably   say that it is quite an understatement.  I’ve always wanted to know the reasoning and the why behind everything that was told to me as kid. I did not just accept everything as it was given to me.
I always question things and this is probably why I continue to ponder who I really am in life. I still occasionally take personality tests and then think about the results which show   my strengths and weaknesses because these are things that define who I am.  What I sell and how I prefer to sell it is just the icing on the cake or the seasoning on the food that is me.
I like simple things, fun times with my kids and any time I can spend with family.  I like a cozy house where laughter is always present and people gather for the simple reason of wanting to spend time together,  no matter what the occasion, because there is always joy in coming together.
I want to convey this to my customers, I want them to feel at home with me before they leave on one of our trips. I want them to realize that I savor life and cherish relationships and family.   My hope is that they will begin their trip with a sense of security knowing that I personally and we as a company have their backs while they are abroad.
My secret sauce is FAMILY and you don’t have to be related by blood to be a part of my Italian family.  I believe that even if I had been born in a different country with a different ethnicity and upbringing, I would STILL be selling ITALY to my customers. Italy is the one place that oozes who I am and what my life is about!

Here are but a few reasons why I would be Italian no matter where I was born;

  • The food is fresh and varied. 
  • The climate has four seasons.
  • The diversity of nature from the Alps to the sea is vast.
  • La Dolce vita describes everything from lifestyle to strong family values.
  • Culture and art from the local interaction to the vast number of historical monuments.
  • The Wine variety.
  • The shape of the country (I love boots indeed)
  • The cost of living is still affordable.
  • Family/Community/Country creates a sense of belonging.
Why would I pass on this?   Why would anyone pass on a place like this?  Will You? Let me ask you this, since anyone can sell Italy,   what is the Secret Sauce you use and who will LOVE it when you serve it to them?


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