3 Days of Christmas Charm in Italy's Snowy Alps

by Christopher Atwood

Throughout December, Italian towns are home to wintry Christmas bazaars — selling hand-carved toys and seasonal sweets. As you stroll the labyrinth of sellers, stay warm with a cup of vin brulè (mulled wine) or a toasty pretzel. But when you travel to Italy in the winter, where should you go to find the best Christmas markets in Italy?     

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Bordering Austria, Trentino is a place where Italian and German traditions fuse.  Trentino is an ideal winter destination, offering snow-dusted vistas and age-old traditions. Breathing the  Alpine air, you can’t help but feel the holiday warmth.  In Trento’s stalls, you'll spot handmade Christmas figurines and regional eats. Breathing the Alpine air, you can’t help but feel the holiday warmth.

In alpine Trentino, your might enjoy this holiday itinerary

Day 1, Trento:  

Trento is home to the region's largest Christmas bazaar.  Over local 92 vendors fill the city’s main squares, giving visitors a taste of the area’s food and artisan traditions. Travelers can also marvel at the nearby Cathedral of St. Vigilio, built in 1212 A.D.  Visitors might shop in Trento for hand-carved ornaments and  food and drink specialties.



Day 2, Rovereto: 

An ancient fortress town, Rovereto shows the architectural influence of the Venetians and the Austrians — both of whom ruled it in the past. Travelers can seasonal specialties like toasted chestnuts (castagne) or bread dumplings here.  A visit would incomplete without trying the city’s fine chocolates and a private tour of its elegant glass-making workshops.


Day 3, Levico: 

Surrounded by mountains and lakes, Levico offers visitors natural beauty and a glimpse of mountain life.  Housed in the splendid Hapsburg gardens, Levico’s charming Christmas market overflows with cheese vendors, polenta makers and woodworkers. Of particular interest are the roaming Christmas choirs.


Trentino is not a place you're likely stop on your first tour of Italy. If you're drawn to stunning views and local traditions, it's the perfect winter locale to travel to in Italy this December.

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