Can you have MORE than One True Love?

by Sunni Chapman

Since our inception See Italy Travel has focused only on our one true love, Italy.Recently we have begun the process of expanding our focus to include SICILY.

We have done a great job of discovering the best of Italy and combining those locations and personal interactions with authentic local Italians. The result has been nothing less than phenomenal. Our reputation for providing life-changing experiences for our clients grows daily. We will continue to discover and develop interesting places and people within Italy for as long as we breathe.

While we will continue our devotion to the Italian mainland we have now turned our focus to Sicily with the intention making it a must-see destination that is desired not ONLY for its monuments but also for experiences infused with the See Italy style of interaction with authentic Sicilian locals!

Based on our research and connections, we have built a growing community of guides and local experts who create life-changing experiences that will never be found online. This community of local people who love Sicily and are experts in what they do will share their passion for and personal history of Sicily with you. 

What do we do? We design experiences that are based on people we find who we know will enhance your life and will leave a lasting impression on your soul. As you can imagine our search for these unique people is hard and often takes a long time. For us, this is always a labor of love that we truly live for.


We then create a uniquely tailored itinerary for you from scratch matching what we have learned about you and your dreams with specific individuals from our community of guides and experts.

A wonderful consequence of allowing us to share Sicily the See Italy way with you is that YOU help local people earn a living from their passions, knowledge and skills while contributing to the positive cultural, social and economic environments in our local communities.

In other words…you are helping our youth to stay in the place they love the most called...HOME! And the best part is that everyone wants to share our HOME with you so that your experience ultimately makes you feel like FAMILY.

So instead of asking yourself WHAT you want to see, consider thinking about WHO you want to meet or which local history you want to share…we are here and eager to welcome you!

For years I have pestered my husband Michael to move to Italy because I wanted our younger kids to live closer to their aging nonna. Eventually, Michael acquiesced and said “yes” and we moved in September 2017. But in a wise-beyond-his-years moment of brilliance, he insisted that we not move to the north of Italy, but to the southern island of Sicily instead.

Sicily is definitely NOT the same as the other Italian regions. Sicily is more than Italy. To me, it is heaven on earth and it is the best of both worlds. Sicily has become my dream come true. The minute we stepped foot on the island a few months before moving here in September, we immediately fell in love with the people, the land and the idea that this would be the best move for us. And so we did!

If you come to Palermo, please come and see us, we would love to host you at our house for a dinner and a celebration of life…in Sicily.


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