Big visions, big clients… big love!

by Sunni Chapman

Another week in my Italian life  and I have to say that I’m loving it…I’m truly ‘Living the Dream!’ I love talking to people about my country while helping travel consultants with their clients and inspiring them with stories about Italy which result in cultivating more love for Italy!  
I wake up each morning thinking about Italy, throughout the day I talk to all manner of people, including agents, about Italy and then to finish my day off I go to bed thinking about, you guessed it, Italy!   You can be sure that I dream of Italy too,  and in color to boot. GREEN, WHITE and RED.
My kids cannot wait to go visit their Nonna, so they can have some “good” Italian food. Like my cooking is inferior, right? I get over feeling insulted when I remember how excited I was to visit my aunt’s house when I was young,   gleefully anticipating her wonderful dishes. My memories tell me it was heavenly…until I grew up and realized that her food actually tasted the same as my mom’s.  
Six years ago I came to a cross-road and I had to decide if I was going to follow my dreams or be content with those vivid images existing only in my head while my brain and body were at rest.   Like many in my position I was afraid to make a change,  but with the help of my family and especially my husband I took a leap and have never looked back.  
It is great to dream and to have a vision but until I took action I wasn’t able to make the changes needed to grow and do what I have been called to do! My husband especially loves to help others envision their big picture but sometimes, he is so passionate and wants them to succeed so much that he sounds pushy. I know from my own experience that   I wouldn’t be where I am now without his help in taking that 1st step.  
This happens with our clients as well. We get   called by clients who want us to craft the perfect vacation  and book their requested hotels and services only to be hampered by their own agents because they are not in alignment with their own agent. All too often, travel advisors make decisions for their clients, which eventually sabotage the sale. The agent makes choices based on their own financial constraints which become a LIMITING factor when they should have used the vast available possibilities to reach beyond any limitations to make their client’s dreams become reality!  
Life would be much easier if we would just use some magic fairy dust to remove our limitations while giving our clients everything they ever dreamed!! While there is no such thing as magic fairy dust, the closest thing that we do have at our disposal, and   something that I use every day, is my true love of people and my passion for sharing Italy with them honestly and authentically.  When you act authentically your clients will know that what we offer is more than simply booking accommodations.  
The magic that we do provide  is our ability to make clients feel special while we help them visualize the possibilities of their own dreams of Italian travel. And then we add value by creating itineraries where they get to experience and realize their own dreams. Our passion and love for what we do and how we do it for your clients make them eager to come back to you for the rest of the world while recommending you to their friends and family time and time again.  
Just like you have for your own life, your clients have a VISION for their trips.   Take action and make it happen,  make it special and don’t allow anyone, including yourself, to limit the vision!.  
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