BESPOKE doesn't mean web shopping

by Sunni Chapman

Ski week means the kids are off of school and we journey to the slopes. This year we’ve headed to the local mountains which are only 3 hours north of San Diego. It’s been so cold that you’d never know we’re in southern California and my mind keeps drifting back to my youth and the weekends spent skiing in Sestriere, the northwest Alps of Italy where I learned to love the mountains and appreciate the warmth of a crackling fire after a day outside. Usually the local temperatures are warm, sometimes too warm, but these past two days….brrrrrr…and then laryngitis hit me big time...I cannot tell you how happy my husband is to have a wife without a voice. :)

One thing that I’ve learned - and those who know me know how I LOVE to learn, read and meditate about my passion, my Italy - is that when time is short and quality is my primary concern I NEED to rely on the experience of an expert. I only take on a DIY project when I KNOW what I am doing and even then, I feel like the quality is not consistent and the outcome is not always perfect. 

As an example, I booked this short vacation on my own, ski chalet, ski passes, ski rentals for the kids, ski school...BUT even then I left my Italian coffee pot at home!!! Mornings have been brutal! I ALWAYS travel with my coffee pot UNLESS I go to Italy or on a business trip but when I travel with my family...I got to have it to be a happy mom. And NOW you know why my husband is especially enjoying my inability to speak. 

This made me think about when I hear from travel agents that their client is a VIP (but who isn't nowadays, right?), their best client and an expert traveler, I am left to wonder WHY then do they book their vacation to Italy in bits and pieces...I say WHATTTTTTT????? This simply doesn’t make sense to me.

Italy might be an easy place to book for some or for many for that matter, but quality can’t be faked, forged or substituted because we all KNOW it when we experience it and to be honest, quality does NOT get booked online. WHY on earth would you risk your relationship with your VIP, BEST CLIENT and EXPERT TRAVELER if you don't personally know who is doing the tour of the Vatican or the transfer from the airport to the hotel, their cooking classes etc.?

Are you telling me that you are going to HOPE that they return and tell you that everything was flawless and the quality was wonderful? Based on what, crossing your fingers and saying a little prayer? Yes, of course there is TRIP ADVISOR that tells you that Fabio is great, that Laura is goofy etc. but do you really know if they are the perfect fit to your client?

Let’s all agree, right here and now, to not allow ourselves or each other to become the online traveler that we all try to avoid like the plague. Let’s commit to be savvy travel experts who know their products inside and out and who rely on known providers who they trust and count on to provide platinum service for all of their clients including the true VIPs. 

Please don’t only think about the $$$, your VIP, BEST CLIENT and EXPERT TRAVELER probably isn’t as concerned about the cost as you THINK or they wouldn’t have contacted you right???

Remember this…partner, partner, partner only with the BEST, only with those who provide the quality you deserve which will reward you with a continuous stream of client referrals. 

Now, go in peace and enjoy life since the partner you have in us can save you time and make you $$$.


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