It’s beginning to look a lot like Sicily

by Sunni Chapman

Well, yes, the holidays have ended and we’ve flipped the calendar to 2018. The big meals, on the other hand, continue on in Sicily as if every day of the week is cause for a celebratory feast. The New Year and the new booking season have made me realize that I am feeling as giddy as a child on Christmas morning because…

… we made it!

We really did make it! We are not only able to create wonderful Sicilian itineraries like we always have, but now we are able to create itineraries that are even more amazing, personal and real. We are truly turning dreams into reality for your clients. So much so that at the end of every day I feel rejuvenated knowing how our work is affecting people’s lives.

The newest itinerary that we have been putting together for Sicily is just phenomenal! The guides we have are so interesting and fun and the tours we have range from honeymoons to family trips; from cheese, food and wine tours to garden tours and everything in between. We even have some Jewish themed offerings. You can count on this, whatever it is that people want, we can do it!!

We endeavor to provide service like a concierge does. People go to the concierge desk of an upscale hotel and ask for all sorts of things. These things may be ordinary or they may be extraordinary. No matter what, the concierge does their best to accommodate the client.

At See Italy we do the same thing. We find out what the client wants and then do our best to provide an experience that exceeds their expectations. And when we accomplish this EVERYONE wins! The clients are elated and impressed and are going to praise you to the hilt while becoming your clients for life because YOU delivered by making their dream vacation become a reality.

We win too because our efforts are validated every time we are able to emotionally connect people with Italy through the experiences we arrange. See Italy provides value to you because our focus is on the experience and in your clients’ eyes no one anywhere can compare themselves to you!

Love is not too strong of an adjective to describe how your clients feel about Italy after experiencing one of our custom crafted itineraries. What’s more is that your clients will be loving you as well and they will be vocal about it too, telling their friends and family how amazing YOU are.

We provide the relationships and “hand holding” all the way through their travel because we were born to do that, it’s in our DNA. It’s in our nature to embrace people and make them part of the Italian family. The important thing to keep in mind is that everything we do to care for your clients from start to finish is done in your name which promotes your abilities and expertise.

We're blessed to affirm our purpose every day when we open our email and we say…YES…to Sicily and authentic experiences. Now we are not only SEE Italy experts, but SEE SOUTHERN ITALY EXPERTS too!

Love to you,

Laura Massoni - See Italy
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