Are You Standing Out?

by Sunni Chapman

I'm going to venture a guess here. When Italy-bound clients contact you, most ask you to book the same attractions – the Vatican in Rome, The David in Florence, and a gondola in Venice.

There’s a reason travelers want to do these things – they’re once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

But, there's a problem with standard requests. It’s tough to stand out when all you book are the things clients already know about. Standard tours don't always help you to shine.

How can you stand out when so many travelers seem to want visit the same places? How do you turn a regular request into a wow-worthy journey?

Below you’ll find 3 proven strategies for standing out in the travel industry:


Do your trips give clients access to people and places they won't find on their own? Or, do you sell the sights everyone already knows about? Re-read your website. Try to imagine that you’re a new client and you’ve just stumbled across your page. Do you offer something beyond the usual sites? If your answer is no, consider highlighting more unique options -- a pasta class with an Italian grandma or kayaking the canals in Venice. Remember: people travel to experience the world, not just to see some sights. For more stand-out experiences,read our tips here.


Travelers trust advisors who have themselves experienced the world. Anyone can google “attractions in Rome." Not everyone can regale a client with personal stories about their pizza-class in Sorrento. Anyone can search for “day trips from Florence.” Not everyone can wow potential travelers with pictures from their own private tour of Chianti. To stand out in the eyes of travelers, you should budget a certain amount each year to travel the world alongside your partners – experiencing firsthand the people and places beyond a basic trip. To discover more about our recent agent trip to Bologna, click here.



No travel agent can know everything about the whole world. Because of this, it’s essential to partner with the right destination experts. On-site companies, like See Italy, give your clients access to local culture and unusual experiences. If you currently rely on a mass-market tour operator, it’s likely they have NO staff in most of the countries they offer. They're selling sight unseen. With an on-site partner, you can rest assured you're sharing the best people and places in a country. What’s more, destination experts can help you to customize each itinerary. No more selling the same boring trip over and over. For an example of our custom Italy trips, download our upcoming group trip Sicily here.

Want to learn more about standing out? I am excited to invite you to our valuable webinar,How to Stand Out in the Travel Industry. We’re sharing 6 guaranteed ways to convince clients to book with you. To sign up, click here or on the photo below. We know you're busy, so pick the day and time that works best for you!

Ultimately, the choice is yours: do you want to sell more of the same or succeed by standing out?

Any tourist can see the sights. With our help, your travelers will experience the Italy that locals love.

Ciao, ciao!


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