Are you ready to Stand OUT?

by Sunni Chapman

When I was growing up I struggled with feeling that I was different,  often missing a sense of belonging. I never felt like I was part of something. Now, as an adult, I’ve overcome those feelings and have become part of everything by being a citizen of the world!  
When I grew up I spent a lot of time alone at home because I had two parents who worked all the time and a brother who was in high school when I was still in elementary school. Looking back, I remember imagining what the rest of the world was like.  I constantly daydreamed about the world I didn’t know,  mostly because I would do anything to avoid doing my homework. I was “street smart” and learned how to get along even though I felt different.
I found that I could pass myself off as a "good" student without even cracking a book! Eventually, this ACT caught up with me in high school when I couldn't FAKE it any longer. Suddenly I had to WORK to pass my classes. I had to work HARD to catch up with the rest of my classmates. At that time,   I began to embrace the fact that I was different and when I stopped trying to be like everyone else my life changed and my world became more joyful.

I grew up across from the FIAT Lingotto, the first Fiat factory, located in Turin, a major city in the Piemonte region of Italy! In the 80's, I saw strikes, fights between the striking workers and those who crossed the picket line, and then the eventual closing of the factory.   The factory was ultimately transformed into a convention center, shopping center, movie theaters, hotels and a museum owned by the Agnelli family - founders of FIAT. It even housed skating events during the 2006 Torino Winter Olympics.
I saw Turin transformed  from being an industrial city full of immigrants from the south to a beautiful aristocratic and royal gem that was notably punctuated with the 2006 Winter Olympics. Then I experienced the new wave of the "slow food" movement with Carlo Petrini, which evolved into a worldwide movement and was marked by the opening of the first EATALY Turin with all of its tasty Italian foods.
I felt like a proud MAMA who waited for her chicks to grow up and do something with their lives. Now, I can say that this has finally happened!   My home region has history, beauty, good food and wine and most noteworthy... NEW ways for people around the world to discover her.
When I decided to open Laura Massoni Travel, since re-branded as SEE ITALY TRAVEL, people would ask me...   How can you compete with the big names?   What makes you different from the others?  I was never intimidated by those questions because I knew that to be noticed, you need to be different and for me that was easy! I couldn't help but be different, it is simply who I am!
A while ago I realized that many agents make decisions out of fear.  They say they want better clients but they are not willing to invest in something that will bring them money! Yes, I know, lots of people tell me that the travel agency community doesn't make money,   they say, "there is no money in travel,"  etc., etc...
…Let me share my personal point of view.   There is plenty of money to be made in travel!!! My first mentor, Meredith Hill of GIFTE, preaches this all the time. The problem I see is that people are hesitant to invest in themselves. Maybe they aren't confident in their own abilities or maybe they have a scarcity mindset?
Imagine this... you go to a well-known department store to buy a shoe box for your size 14 men's shoes but you can't find a box that is large enough. What do you do?   You look for a specialty store  that makes bigger shoe boxes,   you look for a company that specializes in what you want.  It's the same thing with travel.   If you want to draw people in, without feeling that you have to "sell" then you need to have a specialty and BE DIFFERENT.
See Italy Travel is dedicated to help you demonstrate your uniqueness by helping you become experts in Italian Travel.   We have offered FAMs, webinars, educational material, as well as weekly newsletters since we were founded in 2011.  These are intended to help you understand Italy and   make you more knowledgeable about the ENTIRE country and not just the 3 big cities of Rome, Florence and Venice.  We will continue to provide these materials and opportunities to help you truly become Italy experts. We believe that   THIS is what makes us DIFFERENT  than everyone else,   being genuinely motivated to help YOU thrive and prosper with us!

If your passion is Italy, Europe, history, food and wine, the countryside, multi-generational families, or couples and honeymooners, then See Italy Travel is the perfect partner for you.

Let’s be different together!

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