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by Sunni Chapman

Saluti da Roma! Greetings from Rome!

I arrived here yesterday and will spend the next two weeks in Italy – enjoying authentic eats,wow-worthy experiences and gorgeous guided visits.

I can’t put in to words how happy I am to be in Italy again. Italy nourishes my soul. Truly. There’s something about Italians’ gioa di vivere – or lust for life – that makes me feel warm inside.

When you walk Italy’s streets in the morning, you don’t see people rushing to the office. Instead, you see someone enjoying a cappuccino and croissant from their favorite cafe.

When you stroll Italy’s piazzas in the afternoon, you don’t see bankers rushing to high-stress meetings. Instead, you see old friends – walking arm in arm, connecting.

When you head out for dinner in Italy, you don’t see tired faces in need of a nap. Instead, you’ll spot families relishing dinner together – not silently staring at a cell phone.

They’re smiling.

They’re laughing.

They’re living in the now.

This is the Italy that I love… the Italy that draws me back – year after year, visit after visit. It’s also the Italy the we work so hard to share with your travelers. When you send your clients to Italy, we don’t just help them to see the sights. Anyone can do that.

No, our goal is to help travelers to experience Italians’ joy for life – the smiling restaurant owner, the guide eager to share his favorite gelateria, and the driver who takes the scenic route that only locals know. We don’t rush travelers from one sight to the next. Nope, we help them to relish the real Italy.

On our trips, travelers might enjoy stand-out experiences like…

· An aperitivo tour of Florence in local-approved bars

· Behind-the-scenes with the Vatican’s mosaic makers

· Making Carnival masks in Venice with a master artisan

· Learning how to prepare pasta with a real Italian nonna

· Tasting extra virgin olive oil on site at a family farm in Tuscany

Over the next month, I’ll be sharing more of my Italian adventures on See Italy’s Facebook and Instagram pages. Click the links above to follow us on social media for insider tips on the authentic Italy!

Any tourists can see sights on their own. With our help, your clients uncover the hidden Italy -- the country that Italians love. Our Italy is filled with real people, real traditions and real memories.

Want to experience Italy for yourself? Apply to join our 2018 agent trips to Italy. We'll unearth together: SICILY (3/11 - 3/20)LAKE COMO (4/8 - 4/15) and TUSCANY (10/29 - 11/5). You can click here to join us in Italy.

Ciao, ciao!

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