Are you for real?

by Sunni Chapman

We’re living in a farm-to-table age. We’ve all heard phrases like “straight from the source” before. But, when it comes to travel, doesn’t every trip go right to the source? After all –– Italy’s Italy, no? Countless companies will claim to bring you a local experience. So, how can you tell the real deal from a rip-off?

Last month, I spent a few weeks in Italy. After exploring the bustling capital of Rome, we
aded to Umbria for rural relaxation. We passed fog-cloaked mountains and row after row of grape vines. Dotting Umbria’s landscape are medieval hilltop towns, like Spoleto and Assisi. Olive orchards and wineries blanket much of the countryside here – making Umbria the perfect counterweight to big city Rome.


Once in Umbria, we visited a tiny hamlet tucked in the mountains. Our Umbrian guide introduced us to his friend, Bernardo – an 80-year-old truffle hunter. Bernardo has been digging up black truffles since he was a child. Bernardo’s trusty dog helps him sniff out this delicacy. Truffles grow in the soil under trees. Prized for their earthy taste, truffles crown fresh pastas or grilled meats in Italy.

With Bernardo as our chaperon, we set off for the woods. Following a winding dirt road, we ascended high into the hills. Once on top, Bernardo’s pup led us straight to the source – a knot of black truffles hiding underground. Fresh from the soil, they smelled rich and nutty. Bernardo handed me the truffle, saying we’d eat it with today's lunch.

I was awed by the genuineness of that simple, shared moment.


This wasn’t even farm-to-table.

It was forest-to-mouth, foraged straight from the source.

When back in the States, I told tell this story to friends. They'd then ask me, “Aren't truffles just the same as truffle oil?” Well, no...

One comes from the earth. The other is fake. One requires an 80-year-old guide, skilled at reading the land. The other fools your tongue. One is a revelation. The other is designed to deceive you.

So, what will it be? Imitation Italy--mass-produced to dupe your travelers? Or the real deal? When you partner with usyour trips are always genuine journeys. Just ask our good friend Bernardo!

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Ciao, ciao!

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