Why Experts Aren't Billboards, They're Maestros

by Laura Massoni

I am so overwhelmed at times that I don’t know who to listen to… I feel like a 2 year old child with a short attention span. Social media is screaming at me, my kids are trying to get my attention, my responsibilities always takes priority over what I want to do in my free time and this cycle never seems to stop.

Imagine how your clients must feel when you, and your competitors, try to get their attention, sometimes “loudly”, all-day, every-day when trying to sell services or products. I am sure you know exactly what I am talking about. We are in a crowded market and everybody is figuratively SHOUTING “look at me!” After a while it all just becomes background noise.

Instead of spending so much time and energy feeding the “look-at-me” advertising machine, focus on mastering the needs and pain points of your  ideal traveler. When you market this way, you're speaking to them -- not talking like a "book-now" salesman. 

Of course, if you don’t know who your ideal client is and what your target market is, then you can’t possibly speak to their problems or provide their solutions. You will never get their attention because all they hear is blah, blah, blah.


What I have realized is that everybody can be an expert! An expert to me is someone who is in tune with their clients' needs. By doing some research I found out that some of the words that are synonyms of expert are SPECIALIST, MAESTRO, VIRTUOSO, AUTHORITY, MASTER. All of these words made me think of you and me.

We become experts when we specialize in a particular field. While the word travel is too broad, we are conductors or maestros -- orchestrating the right trip for the right client. We are virtuosos in the art of trave -- geniuses at what we do because we always focus on the client and their final experience.

To stop selling like an advertisement, we first need to speak to our target clients as a Mother Hoose would to her goslings -- only then will they naturally follow you. So, let me ask you something…if you were to remove your name and logo from your website or other marketing brochures, would your client know who you are by what is left?

The best way to be able to answer that question emphatically YES is to make sure your client knows that the reason why they bought from you is not because of chance, but because you are a true and unique expert!

When we study, learn and hear specific details on our target market, we learn how to tell stories to our clients who then understand exactly why they need to use you and your expertise.

When you speak from experience and don’t shout, your target market is drawn into you. They will want to read your opinions and will have you in their mind when they have time to focus. Why? Because when you speak, they will recognize themselves in YOU -- the travel expert, their friend and the person they can trust without looking back.

Now go build your tribe and make sure you help them with what they have been looking for....TLC



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