A Mid-Summer Daydream...

by Daniel Collinsworth

At some point every summer I get to the point when I just give in, I just give my kids what they want, pasta for lunch and dinner, gelato for their afternoon snack and then candy after dinner. Sometimes it takes more energy than I have to do the right thing. Of course I will pay the price later on because this diet will undoubtedly lead to a sugar-fueled, carb-loaded crescendo followed by a crash later that night.


Obviously this can’t be the norm, it has to be an every once in a blue-moon, or more topically, a once in a total-eclipse-of-the-sun thing, because if this were done every day it would hinder the way I want them to be raised and educated. They might come to think that they are entitled to everything just because they “want” it. Then when the real world comes calling, in the form of adulthood, they will be bitterly disappointed. Not only that, they will blame me for their disfigured body, cloudy, sugar addled brain and needy mind-set.

This is exactly the point, our mind-set has everything to do with how successful we are operating our business. It’s the difference between being able to provide our professional expertise to our client and simply taking their order.


Order taking is easy, easier than we think but when done year after year, it can drain the creative energy right out of us, making us listless and unhappy. Continuing along this path we’d end up losing our identity while wondering, “Why am I in this business anyway?”

As my husband said recently… “The next time you feel the need to ask yourself… ‘Why am I here?’ … Answer yourself, ‘I am here because I am the only person capable of doing what needs to be done, in this moment in time, with these circumstances, to create the best outcome!’”

To cede that responsibility to anyone else, is to hand the job off to someone completely inadequate and unqualified to do the job.

What am I saying? Simply, that YOU are the expert and as the expert you know what is best for your clients. Don’t always give them just what they ask for, but give them what they need because USING your travel intelligence and experience to craft a solution will give your clients the best experience possible every time! And THIS will be the reason why your clients book with you time and time again!


If they decide to book on the internet or compare you to another operator it is because they are asking you to take their order while ignoring the value that you have to give them.

The most important key to remember… always LISTEN and then DELIVER.



2018 continues to be an amazing year and I have enjoyed numerous discoveries and gained new perspective and insight that has enhanced my expertise immeasurably for Sicily as well as the rest of Italy. If you have considered, even just a mid-summer daydream of a thought, of building your Italian travel expertise then you might want to join us on a path of discovery and understanding of why your clients will love you EVEN MORE because of us.

If so then come to Sicily with us next April and soon after you could receive email from your clients like Janine does - see our Italy Praises and Love section below.

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By the way, if you want to know more about our next educational/FAM trip to the south of Italy please let me know, it is happening next year, April 1 - April 10th, 2019, and it will be EPIC!


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