A Look Back at Looking Forward from a Year Ago

by Daniel Collinsworth

As a business owner you find yourself always looking forward, planning for the challenges that face you today as well as determining your path into the future. With this in mind I thought that it would be interesting to take a look back at what I was thinking this time last year by republishing my article from July 6, 2017.

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Originally published July 6, 2017.

I love planning FAMILY holidays for our travelers even though it’s not easy to satisfy the tastes of kids from 6 to 26. Just think of your own family and the strife that can surface when trying to decide which movie to see or where to go for dinner and you’ll have an idea of how hard this can be. But I LOVE the challenge of ensuring that everybody has a great time traveling while providing a variety of activities to keep everyone entertained.

The task of planning family holidays is infinitely easier when you don’t have to cater to one person in particular. In my family, for instance, because no one is selfish and they all understand that time together means doing things that makes everybody happy, the planning phase is joyful. The beauty of an extended family is enjoying every moment no matter what “the moment” is.

My family is very much what most people imagine the typical Italian family to be. So, when I decided to focus only on Italian travel, I started with an office in Italy first, adding our United States headquarters later. During the nine months it took to open the Italian office I learned how to make everyday life feel like a supreme, fun and engaging Italian family vacation!

When planning for my own family I had to keep in mind that my husband loves history, my two older daughters love action, my son likes to create and build all day long and my littlest one loves laughter and parties. Her “old” 6 year old soul is happy by just being in the moment and trying anything new. She is, like all the rest, as curious as a cat too.

During our last Italian family vacation we took a bicycle tour of Florence together which satisfied everyone. We mixed in some history, food and sparkling drinks they all remembered having tried before. Then we enjoyed strolling through a colorful market and ended up visiting the Leonardo museum. All in all, everyone had a blast with memories that will stay with them forever, and we, as parents, were blessed to feel our hearts swell with joy by seeing everybody enjoying each other’s company under the Tuscan sun.

I can tell you that without my Italian office’s support that trip would not have been as successful and some of those cherished memories would not have been formed.That’s right. Even I, the expert in Italian travel, would have not been able to do it all by myself!.

Scouting the perfect fit for myself or for customers that come through See Italy is not always easy but this is why the support staff we have IN Italy is the most important piece to the puzzle we provide. Their knowledge, experience, passion and dedication to our clients is not equaled anywhere. They are the critical ingredient to our success which we measure by how often 1st time clients return to become your clients for life while providing you referral after referral.

Without our Italian staff, we would just be selling a commodity, not providing experiences and memories that last a lifetime!

This September my family will be putting a foot on Italian soil, or more precisely on Sicilian soil, where we will be joined by the nonni (grandparents) for this one year journey that will help us become even greater experts in family travel and travel to Italy in general. I have been living in the United States for 25 years this September, having resided more years here than in Italy! I have lived in both cultures extensively which gives me unique insight into what it truly takes to create and customize a wonderful Italian experience for individuals as well as families.


Even with all my experience, I cannot wait to learn more, deepen my knowledge of the boot and especially build and strengthen my relationships with our suppliers. The best part is that I will be doing all of it with the help and support of both the US and Italian offices and together we will gain invaluable knowledge and experience.

I feel lucky and I feel fortunate to be able to embark on this extended adventure. But even without all of the excitement about the journey ahead I consider myself blessed beyond reason because in serving you and your clients we already get to do what we love and have passion for, namely talking about, thinking of and creating amazing itineraries of authentic Italian travel.

Our multi-generational family is what gives us support in business and our personal lives daily…

…and remember that even if WE are not related by blood, our home in Italy will be open to greet you, if only for a hot meal. I won’t be cooking if you decide to come, so that’s a plus for you. Trust me. Be comforted though to know that my mom, nonna, will be cooking so please remember to ring the bell so that we can add a plate with your name on it. COUNT on it!!! Our door will be open.

It HAS been an amazing year and I have enjoyed numerous discoveries and gained new perspective and insight that has enhanced my expertise immeasurably for Sicily as well as the rest of Italy. If you think you might want to join us on a path of discovery and understanding of why your clients love us, come to Sicily with us next April because at the very least we'll have a place set aside for you at our dinner table.

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