by Christopher Atwood

Let's face it -- fancy brochures just don't cut it for your most discerning travelers.  They want you to PERSONALLY vouch f0r the quality of their trip. They need reassurances that disappointment won't follow departure.
But, it's hard to inspire confidence when all you can say is "I've heard great things about this tour company."  Have you slumbered in their  hotels? Have you experienced their guides? Have you vetted their on-the-ground staff?
If your answer's no, you're missing potential bookings.  First-hand expertise nurtures trust in clients.  And, trust is why clients turn to  travel advisors in the first place. It's the difference between reading a restaurant menu and hearing a foodie friend rave about a meal there. Which would inspire you more to act? 
Simply put, your clients deserve for you to know firsthand the places you sell. So, we're inviting you to discover the authentic Italy with us in 2019:
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Our Educational Trips will transform how you sell Italy. Instead of pitching a product, you'll learn to sell by sharing your soul-touching memories -- memories you can then recreate for your clients!
Will we see you in Italy in 2019? Dates and details below:

Unlock for travelers the Tuscany tourists rarely see. Discover the hidden gems that will entice more travelers to book their Tuscany escape with you.  Click here for the itinerary.

Savor the secret sights and timeless traditions of Sicily -- experiencing stunning seascapes, ancient vineyards and true Sicilian hospitality. Click here for itinerary.


Uncover the experiences that locals love in Rome, Florence and Venice.  Designed to appeal to both return visitors and first-time Italy adventurers. Itinerary forthcoming. To experience the Italy travelers crave in 2019, simply click below:

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